Château d’Armailhac – 1995

Château d’Armailhac – 1995

Climatic conditions

1995 was a year of contrasts, with abundant rainfall from January to March followed by very fine, warm weather from April to September.

The vegetation cycle began quickly, about seven days earlier than the average. Budbreak began on 23 March for Merlot and 30 March for Cabernet Sauvignon.

Having begun early, the vegetation cycle continued at a steady pace. Flowering took place evenly five days ahead of the average. The drought observed in June continued in July with 28 days of very hot weather, the temperature climbing to a record 37° C on 20 and 25 June.

Mid-veraison was reached between 9 and 12 August depending on the variety. The condition of the vines and the state of maturity of the grapes raised hopes of a very fine vintage.

The potential of the crop remained unaffected by showers in early September and harvesting took place under very favourable conditions.

Oenological sheet
  • Harvest
  • 18 September to 27 September
  • Varietal mix
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 42%
    Cabernet Franc 26%
    Merlot 32%
Tasting notes

The wine has a fine, deep colour and a forthright nose which retains some berry fruit aromas, especially blackcurrant, but already displays very pleasant traces of more elaborate notes of vanilla, caramel, roast coffee and oak.

On the palate, forward but smooth tannins give volume and character while elegantly enfolding rich flavours, building to a complete finish, powerful and generous, typical of the vintage.

Descriptive sheet
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