Château d’Armailhac – 2009

Château d’Armailhac – 2009

Climatic conditions

Nature was particularly kind in 2009, providing conditions that favoured the vegetation cycle and helped the grapes to reach full maturity.

Winter was a little colder than usual, though in the period to March the region had 204 hours of sunshine more than the average for the last thirty years.

April was very wet and May often stormy. Flowering took place rapidly and evenly around 5 June.

Summer set in from mid-June, bringing remarkable levels of sunshine and little rainfall. The very fine weather and high level of hydric stress, barely alleviated by a few showers, enabled the grapes to ripen slowly to full maturity. Temperatures in August were 1.4° C higher than the average. The ideal weather continued into September as cool nights alternated with hot days.

The weather, encouraging the concentration of aromas and flavours and the accumulation of anthocyans, brought the crop to harvest in perfect condition.

Picking began with the Merlot on 23 September and ended with the Cabernet Sauvignon on 6 October. The grapes were extremely healthy, containing plenty of sugar, colour and fruit and showing exceptional potential. 2009 will undoubtedly go down as a vintage to match the finest.

Oenological sheet
  • Harvest
  • 23 September to13 October
  • Varietal mix
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 60%
    Merlot 24%
    Cabernet Franc 14%
    Petit Verdot 2%
Tasting notes

A dark and intense red, Château d’Armailhac 2009 reveals a rich, beautifully fresh nose that combines ripe red fruit aromas with delicate roasted and vanilla notes.

On the palate, the attack is powerful and clean, bringing mature, well-rounded tannins that allow the body to develop with great finesse.

Full-bodied, the wine is distinguished by touches of slightly toasted oak and reveals an elegant, lingering finish.

Definitely a great vintage for Château d’Armailhac.

Descriptive sheet
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