Château d’Armailhac – 2001

Château d’Armailhac – 2001

Climatic conditions


The first quarter of 2001 was warmer and wetter than average, causing budbreak six to eight days earlier than the average for the last thirty years.

May and June were very hot and dry, with a record temperature for May of 35°C and a succession of fine days with temperatures in excess of 30°C in June, reaching 36.2°C on 25 June. These conditions slowed the early pace of the vegetation cycle and mid-flowering took place on 6 and 7 June, in line with the average in recent years.

The first half of July was slightly cooler and more humid, followed by pleasant weather in August with only isolated storms. Mid-veraison was observed between 12 and 16 August, very slightly later than the average for the Merlot.

Fine but rather cool weather in September held back the maturing process a little so that the harvest date was four or five days later than the average.

Very fine, hot, sunny weather and low rainfall in early October, just before picking, enabled a very healthy crop to mature under excellent conditions.

Oenological sheet
  • Harvest
  • 27 September to 10 October
  • Varietal mix
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 60%
    Merlot 40%
Tasting notes


A deep and intense colour with a slightly brickish hue.

Initially discreet, the nose opens up to reveal a variety of red fruit and humus aromas together with some subtle biscuity, toasty notes.

Well-structured on the palate, its expressive tannins are mingled with a host of red fruit and spice flavours.

The long and flavoursome finish plays more on refinement than power.

Descriptive sheet
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